President Hassan Rouhani

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Both the Obama administration and the government of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani have invested huge political capital in striking an agreement. The deal marks a significant victory for each. Secretary of State John Kerry and Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who were deeply involved in the protracted and, at times, contentious negotiations..

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Putt nine holes at the Enchanted Forest Mini Golf for $6 a person. The Winter Combo ticket includes all of that, plus passes to use later at the Carrousel (it’s closed for maintenance until Feb. 27), for $14 a person if you’re willing to break our $25 limit.

Our system has a fundamental bias toward dealing with problems only after they happen, rather than spending up front to prevent their happening in the first place. We spend much more on disaster relief than on disaster preparedness. And we spend enormous sums on treating and curing disease and chronic illness, while underinvesting in primary care and prevention.

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The remaining $640 million will rebuild and renovate Benson, Madison and Lincoln high schools, and Kellogg middle school. Benson and Kellogg are in disrepair, according to school officials. Lincoln and Madison aren in quite as bad shape but they have structural issues and are overcrowded, especially Lincoln High School.

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